"I would sincerely like to thank all who supported me in my campaign for State Senate!"
R. Al Bain August 4, 2010
July 30th Radio Interview with Ann Arbor Talk Host Thayrone X!!!

On Aug. 5, 2009, Sen. Jason Allen, R-Traverse City, introduced Senate Bill 731 ; which would give statutory cover to a scheme transferring approximately $6.6 million in taxpayer money annually to the SEIU government employee union, one of the parents of ACORN.

LINK TO: Michigan Capitol Confidential

Senator Randy Richardville (R) Monroe is onboard with this as a sponsor!
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The burden on Michigan businesses and citizens is over-taxation, deficit spending, excessive regulation, unfunded mandates, and unfair subsidies.

If Michigan is to remain heavily subsidized as well as regulated by an out of control Federal Government, we will never realize our full potential economically.

In 2010, Americans will be replacing their incumbents and career politicians with serious Statesmen who will LEAD.  

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